Testimonials from our patients

Your dreams are our goals. We are passionate about helping you achieve them, and our patients experience that in everything we do. Read some success stories from our patients and hear about their fertility journey with The Ark.

Mrs C.A.

I am Mrs. C.A. I am 53 years old. I got married in April 1999. Since then we have been trying to achieve pregnancy through natural means but it is not possible.
We have visited several hospitals both in Nigeria and abroad without encouraging results. In the past 10 years, we have seen several IVF hospitals in Lagos and Portharcourt but none helped us achieve pregnancy.
Throughout these years, one thing keeps us going: our faith in the word of God. According to his word in Mathew 21:21

The journey to my divine miracle started towards the end of 2019, November to be precise (I termed it “Eleventh hour miracle). I visited the ARK Hospital with my husband on the 5th November 2019. We were attended to by Dr Bero, who took our health profile and asked if we were prepared to commence treatment and procedures that will follow, we answered in the affirmative.

She was satisfied with the results from all the test conducted and announced that the procedures will commence on the 6th December 2019. I was highly elated because in other IVF hospital I have visited it takes not less than 4 to 5 months before they commence procedures.
Again, during the embryo transfer in the theater, my faith was optimally raised as a result of the powerful prayers that was offered by the medical team, led by Dr Bero (before and after the transfer) and the song playing on the background which coincidentally was my favorite song “Aka Jehovah”

I was asked to come for pregnancy on the 16th December 2019. On that day my faith was put to test but I keep trusting in what God can do (The miracle working God)
When Dr Bero announced to me that the pregnancy test was positive, I could not hold my emotion as I was in tears, tears of joy. A follow up scan conducted on January 10 2020 confirmed that the baby is doing great.
As at today, my pregnancy is 10 weeks + and I am well health wise, together with my baby.
It’s my fervent prayer, that God will continue to use Dr Bero and the entire Ark medical team in general and to make them an instrument of joy to many families that are in sorrow as a result of childlessness.
May God’s name be praised forever — Amen

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