Egg Freezing at The Ark

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For the Egg Freezing treatment, the female gametes (eggs also known as Oocytes) are collected, frozen and stored to preserve a woman’s ability to get pregnant in future. Women freeze their eggs for different reasons. Medical reasons for egg freezing include autoimmune diseases like Lupus, prior to cancer treatment or severe endometriosis.

Why Freeze Eggs?

You may be aware that a woman is born with definite a number of eggs in her ovaries. This number may be around a million at the time of her birth, but by the time she hits puberty this number has already slashed by more than half. Out of these only a few hundred eggs will remain healthy and viable for reproduction in a woman’s whole lifetime. It is critical to know that while the sperms in men are made everyday, oocytes or eggs supply is not replenished. Each month, after a woman reaches reproductive age, she loses at least one egg to ovulation.

The egg and embryo freezing process

If you choose to freeze your eggs, the step-by-step process is straightforward and requires:

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